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School Handbook


 At Killarney Junior High School students have the right to:

  • Learn in a safe and respectful environment
  • Be respected
  • Be safe
  • A clean, healthy, and engaging school environment


 It is an expectation that all Killarney Junior High School students will:

  • Arrive in class on time and with all of the learning materials required
  • Be active and engaged participants in the classroom
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy for all staff and students
    • Be respectful by removing all headwear when they enter the school
      • Not bring cigarettes, lighters, illegal drugs, or items that can be deemed a weapon onto school property
      • Keep hallways clear and quiet at all times
      • Follow the dress expectations at all times
      • Follow the cell phone and personal technology device rules at all times


At Killarney Junior High School, it is our goal to provide the appropriate environment where each student gains the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be capable, connected, and contributing members of our school community.

 All students are responsible for ensuring that they following our behavior agreements. Consequences may include “Back on Track” time, a phone call home, referral to the attendance board, loss of privileges, exclusion from class, or suspension from school for the most serious offenses.

Students are responsible, and will be held accountable, for their behavior and conduct:

 While travelling to and from school

  • While on school property including noon hour and after school
  • While involved in school sponsored activities such as athletic events or off site learning experiences (field trips)
    • Beyond the regular school hours if the behaviors have a detrimental effect on our learning community.


 Students are required to turn all electronic devices off and have them out of sight during class time unless permission has been given by the classroom teacher. Acceptable use of electronic devices may include:

  • Accessing the wireless network
  • Using electronic calculators or other applications

Unacceptable use is considered any use that is not instruction related. Examples of unacceptable use include (but are not limited to):

  • Sending or receiving personal text messages
    • Checking voice mail
    • Making or receiving calls
    • Taking unauthorized photos or videos.
    • School administration has the right to review and delete any photos or videos taken in school or on school property

 Cell phones may be used within our school:

  • Before the first bell
  • After the dismissal bell

 If a student breaks any of the cell phone or electronic device rules, they will be required to hand their phone over to a staff member who will turn it into the school administration. At the end of the day, the student will meet with a school administrator prior to getting their phone back. Consequences will vary depending on the number of incidents with that individual student.


Any dress that is suggestive or provocative is considered inappropriate and is not to be worn at school. Any graphics that depict violence, profanity, alcohol, drug images or inappropriate advertising is not to be worn at Killarney.

 Other dress code specifics:

  • “Underwear” must remain covered up at all times (for both male and female students)
  • Shirts must reach the waistline; midriffs (belly buttons) need to remain covered at all times.
    • Skimpy tops including spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, and strapless or see through tops are not permitted. Cleavage should not be visible.
    • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter then mid-thigh
    • Hats and head gear (including hoods) are not to be worn at school. (unless for religious or cultural reasons)


Regular attendance in class is the single most important contributor to student learning. Missed class time and the associated learning opportunities cannot be made up by sending homework home; it is not the same.

All absences must be reported to the main office by a parent phone call (780.475.1737) or e-mail to Killarney@epsb.ca.

All unexcused absences will be recorded in our student information system, and a phone call home will be made by our automated call out system.

Whenever possible, all medical and dental appointments should be made outside or regular school hours. Professional Development days are great times to make these appointments.

Inconsistent attendance and punctuality will be addressed in collaboration with parents/guardians, the classroom teachers, and school administrators.

Inconsistent attendance and punctuality may result in students being ineligible for extracurricular activities including school athletics and enhancement field trips.

 In the most severe cases, a referral to the Alberta Attendance Board will be made.


Students will be assigned a locker on the first day of classes. As these lockers are the property of Killarney Junior High, our school will provide the lock for students to use.

Students should not be bringing items of value to school. KILLARNEY JUNIOR HIGH SHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS THAT GO MISSING.

Lockers are personal space for each individual student and are not to be shared. Students are also responsible for the cleanliness of their locker and will be held responsible for any damage made to their assigned locker during the school year. 

School administration may search a student’s locker if they have appropriate cause. If there is a need for a locker search, the student will be present to open the locker and observe the search. Items considered inappropriate will be confiscated.


All students new to Killarney pay a textbook deposit fee. This fee is refunded at the end of the student’s time at Killarney, assuming that all textbook and library fees are paid.

Students are responsible for the textbooks that have been assigned to them and will be held responsible for repair or replacement costs if the resource was not returned in the in condition it was first assigned in.

Killarney Junior High School uses a color coded binder system to support student organization and achievement. Students must use the school provided binders for the four core subjects. The binders are provided at a subsidized cost to each student on the first day of school.


Students that are leaving the school during school hours must sign out at the office. Students are not permitted to leave without a handwritten note or a phone call from a parent or guardian.

Students arriving late must check in at the office ensuring that their attendance record has been appropriately changed.


Field trips are an extension to classroom instruction and provide valuable hands on learning experiences for our students. In advance of any field trip, a field trip consent form will be sent home with the details of the experience. Students must return the signed form or they will not be permitted to attend. It is a legal requirement that the school has written consent for a field trip, meaning that we cannot accept phone calls from parents as permission.

Students that are not permitted to attend a field trip, or choose not to participate, will be provided with alternative learning experiences at school. Should a student choose not to attend and stay home, they will be considered unexcused from class and will be expected to make up the missed class time over lunch hours during the days that follow.