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For Killarney Junior High School


Required Supplies

3 Binders

Lined loose-leaf paper

4 packages of dividers

Scientific Calculator

1 Hilroy Scribbler/1 subject 120 pages

1 pack Duotangs

Ballpoint pens (blue and red)



Ruler (cm)

Package of pencil crayons

Package of fine felt markers

Pencils 2 packs


Glue sticks

Combination lock to be use during physical education

Students are also required to have at school proper physical education clothing including shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt, and running shoes.

 Required fees:

A $75.00 textbook/Chromebooks deposit fee is collected each year from each student. At the end of the year, assuming that all library and textbooks are returned, this deposit is returned in full if they are not returning to Killarney School. .

Complimentary classes also have specific fees to cover the cost of supplies and materials. Please note the fee sheet for specific information.

Fees can be paid on schoolzone at anytime.