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Killarney Junior High School is a district site for two special needs programs:  Opportunity and Community Learning Skills.


Students who have experienced challenges in their learning and meet the requirements for Opportunity Programming are eligible to register in this select program. Students must be pre-registered with the assistance of their current school using the SNAP Process. Registration is limited. For more information visit the district site here.BLA students receive small group instruction designed to assist them overcome behavioural patterns that affect their overall achievement.



Community Learning Skills programming supports students who have severe delays in most or all developmental areas. These students may have physical, sensory, medical or behavioural disabilities.

Students must be 12 to 15 years old with a clinical diagnosis. Contact your neighbourhood school for information about eligibility and special education programming options.

Your designated school is your first point of contact for information. If you are interested in pursuing a specialized program option, please contact the school principal for an appointment to discuss your child's needs.


Most schools offering special education programming have some yellow busing options available. For more information about busing, contact your child’s school or call Student Transportation at 780-429-8585.